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About Us

The word detailing is an elusive one. Some think it is cleaning with a little extra elbow grease. At Sparkle✨Mobile, it is a craft, and with every craft comes the idea of artistry and finesse. We believe that your vehicle is a direct and tangible representation of who you are, and when it sparkles so do you.

Our detailing techniques are innovative and dynamic. We say dynamic because once we find a better way to make your vehicle sparkle, we will go there. We are always learning and growing. Every detail must be met or the craftsman is not finished.

Craftsmanship is the very detailed work, done using a high level of commitment and skill, yielding the very best result for an audience. Our audience is the people that you want to impress throughout your day but ultimately it is you who we want to sparkle.

Always remember…
When you want to sparkle, Sparkle✨Mobile will come to you.

Our Services


Interior Dash & Door

  • Detail and dress all interior plastic mouldings and surfaces on dash and doors.
  • Detail and condition all rubber stripping and vinyl surfaces.
  • Detail air vents, cup holders, compartments and instrument consoles on dash and doors.

Floor & Mats

  • Extract dirt, sand and grime from carpet floors and mats including under the seats.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the trunk/hatchback areas.
  • Remove salt and other stains from carpet floors and mats, especially at the driver’s area.

Glass and Display

  • Clean and condition windshield and windows inside and out.
  • Clean and condition all interior plastic display covers
  • Clean and condtion all mirrors.
  • Clear buff headlight covers.

Seats and Upholstery

  • Remove dust and dirt build up on front and back seats including head rests, pull down consoles, stitching and ribbing crevices, seat hinges and seat cracks.
  • Remove stains on front and back of all seats especially where feet, hands and paws tend to frequent themselves.
  • Clean out any cup holders and condition seat surfaces.

Exterior Wash

  • The wash includes a thorough pre-rinsing of paint surfaces, front grill, front and rear bumper and wiper well to remove large and small grit particles.
  • Wash and wax body exterior removing bug marks, organic debris and road contaminants.
  • Power spray wheel wells, rims, tires and underside rocker panels to remove all gravel, mud, road dust and grit.

Exterior Wash Cont.

  • Wash door jambs to remove dirt and grime build up from hinges.
  • Clean engine compartment removing dirt, grease and grime build up. Dress plastic covers and rubber hoses.

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Head Office: North Bay, Ontario
Tel: 705-477-7560